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About Us

We provide medical services for pilots and immigrants in the Atlanta area. We believe in providing prompt medical care to keep our pilots healthy and ready to fulfill their duties and get back in the air.

Meet The Doctor

Dr. Baheeg Shadeed, MD

Senior Aviation Medical Examiner - AME & USCIS Civil Surgeon

Dr. Shadeed has over 40 years of experience in general surgery. He has worked with the FAA for 20 years as well as with Immigration Services. Dr. Shadeed believes in providing the highest quality of service because when it comes to your health that is the only standard acceptable.

Business Hours

Monday: 9.00AM - 2.00PM

Tuesday: 9.00AM - 2.00PM

Wednesday: 9.00AM - 2.00PM

Thursday: 9.00AM - 2.00PM

Friday - 9.00AM - 12 NOON

Saturday Closed

Sunday Closed